Weekly Themes

Week 1 – June 25th-June 29th

Theme: Super Heroes Week

Get ready to experience something totally amazing as you participate in this incredible week! You’ll participate in super hero themed challenges and activities and get to dress up as your favorite super hero, or even create your own!

Clinics: Screen Printing, Self Defense, Water Adventure

Week 2 – July 2nd-July 6th
(No Camp on July 4th)

Theme: Celebration Week

This will be a week of celebration as we celebrate several holidays, such as Christmas in July, Easter and, of course, the 4th of July. And everyone will get to celebrate their birthday, no matter which day of the year you were born.

Clinics: Archery & Paintball, First Aid & CPR, Swimming Lessons

Week 3 – July 9th-July 13th

Theme: Wide World of Sports Week

There are hundreds of sports around the world, and during this week we will get to participate in just a few of these. Some will be familiar and some will be new. And, of course, we will play soccer in recognition of the World Cup, which will culminate this week.

Clinics: Low & High Ropes, Photography, Swimming Lessons

Week 4 – July 16th-July 20th

Theme: Extreme Challenge Week

Come prepared to be stretched beyond your limits as you get challenged to do things you didn’t think possible. From physical challenges to mental challenges, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Some of the highlights of this week will be our own Ninja Warrior and Spartan Race courses.

Clinics: Archery & Paintball, Horsemanship, Swimming Lessons

Week 5 – July 23rd-July 27th

Theme: Outdoor Adventure Week

While campers always get to participate in nature at camp, this week will have an extra emphasis on the outdoors. Campers will get to go on a hike with their group as well as participate in outdoor adventures while learning about God’s creation.

Clinics: Outdoor Discovery, Swimming Lessons, Water Adventure

Week 6 – July 30th-August 3rd

Theme: Splash Zone Week

Every seat in the house is in the splash zone, as this week is all about water activities. Whether it’s participating in challenges in the lake, playing slip n’ slide kickball or getting hosed down by a fire truck, you will get wet!

Clinics: Archery & Paintball, Scuba Diving, Swimming Lessons

Week 7 – August 6th-10th

Theme: Virtual Reality Week

We’re going to make the virtual world a reality, as we bring some of your favorite video games to life. Don’t just sit inside and play video games, get outside and join us as we play Mario Kart, Angry Birds and more!

Clinics: Computers, Robotics, Swimming Lessons

Week 8 – August 13th-17th

Theme: You're the Contestant Week

Campers will need to use their skills and wits as they compete in a variety of game shows. From Family Feud to Nickelodeon Games to Wheel of Fortune, there is sure to be plenty of challenging, messy fun!

Clinics: Archery & Paintball, Low & High Ropes, Next Great Baker

Week 9 – August 20th-24th

Theme: Around the World Week

Sail around the world as we explore a different continent each day. We’ll try foods, learn about cultures and play games based on countries around the world. At the end of the week we will have a cardboard boat race to see which group can build the most seaworthy vessel.

Clinics: Ice Skating, Orienteering, Rockets