Extended Care

Our Extended Care program extends camp hours in both the morning and afternoon. Campers can arrive as early as 7:00am and stay as late as 6:00pm. Extended Care takes place in the Upper Game Room where campers can play video games, pool, air hockey, foosball, and carpet ball while being supervised by camp counselors.

There are two pricing options available for Extended Care, a Flat Rate Option and an Hourly Rate Option.

Flat Rate Option: $20 for AM Care or PM Care ($40 total for both) flat rate option is per camper, per week. Flat Rate Option must be prepaid, otherwise, Hourly Rate will apply.

Hourly Rate Option: $7.00 per hour, per camper.

Extended Care FAQ's

What are the benefits of the new Flat Rate pricing?

There are several benefits. First, you will save money if you use Extended Care for 3 or more hours in the morning or afternoon. Second, since it doesn't matter how many hours you use, you don't have to be concerned about any unplanned changes in your schedule, or running an errand or two before picking up your child. Third, you don't need to remember to check and pay your balance at the end of every week; just one payment and then you're done.

Why did you raise the Hourly Rate?

We evaluate our pricing and the cost of the program at the end of every camp season and made the decision to raise the Extended Care rates. This is the first significant increase to the Extended Care rates in over 10 years! We are pleased to be able to provide the Flat Rate option to help families who are frequent users of our Extended Care program.

Do I need to place a deposit to use Extended Care

No, if you are using the Flat Rate, you will prepay for Extended Care at the time of registration. If you are using the Hourly Rate you will be billed for the hours you use at the end of each week. Payment will be due by the following Wednesday.

I only need to use Extended Care for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon, is there an option so I don't have to use the Hourly Rate?

You could sign up for the Flat Rate for both the morning and the afternoon, but you would end up paying more than the Hourly Rate. If you need to use Extended Care for 2 hours or less in the morning or afternoon, you should pay the Hourly Rate. If you plan to use Extended Care for 3 or more hours in the morning or afternoon, you should use the Flat Rate option.

Is there a flexible Flat Rate, where I could split the hours and use some in the morning and some in the afternoon.? Or an option where unused hours could carry over to another week?

No, unfortunately, the logistics to be able to track used and unused hours for every camper would be too difficult and time consuming for us to manage effectively. If future technology or enhancements to our camp management system allow for it, perhaps it would be something we could consider.

If I don't sign up for the Flat Rate and I end up using more than 3 or more hours during a single session, will I still be charged the Hourly Rate or will I be charged the Flat Rate?

In order to receive the Flat Rate pricing you must sign up and pay for this at the time of registration. If you use 3 or more hours of Extended Care, you will be charged $7 per hours that is used, which means you will end up paying more than the Flat Rate.

If I sign up for the Flat Rate option and don't use Extended Care, will I receive a refund?

No, there are no refunds or discounts offered for the Flat Rate option if you decide not to use Extended Care.

I already registered and paid but I didn't sign up for the Flat Rate, is it too late?

No, as long as the Session has not started you may still register in advance for the Flat Rate. If the registration deadline for the Session your child is attending did not pass, you can add the Flat Rate to your registration online. If the registration deadline has already passed, you will need to contact the camp office, and a $5 fee may apply.

If I've already prepaid for the Flat Rate option, do I still need to sign my child into Extended Care?

Yes, we ask that you still bring your campers in to Extended Care and sign them in and out. This is provide for their safety and ensure that your child is either with you or their counselor at all times.